About Us

April’s Bakery was founded by Ms. Nathanaporn Euawanthanakhun (Orn), she is so passionate about baking and a big bakery lover. When she was a flight attendant, she frequently travels to Hong Kong, she totally falls in love with the deliciousness of the honey pork pie

When came back, she had an idea of selling roasted honey pork pie. Hence, she started developing her own filling and puff pastry for 3 months, until she could finalize her unique recipe. Using finest quality of pork loin (lean meat) marinated with secret barbeque sauce that create delicate taste, wrap with thin crust puff pastry without butter, milk, and preservative. Soon after, her dream came true when the first April's Bakery was founded in Thailand in September 2010.

Currently, our pies comprise 20 fillings and more than 60 branches countrywide. Although the appearance of pies is not well presented, the deliciousness of pies captures the heart of Thai people. We continuously develop and control our quality to support both domestic and international markets.